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Department of Nematology

Howard Ferris


Professor & Nematologist
Office: 206 Robbins Hall
Lab: 105 Robbins Hall
Phone: 530-752-8432 (Office)
Phone: 530-752-2124 (Laboratory)
FAX: 530-752-5809

Appointment: 1972
B.S. University College of Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1964 Botany and Zoology
M.S. University of London 1968 Zoology; Nematology
Ph.D. North Carolina State University 1972 Plant Pathology

Lab Website
Prof. Ferris Laboratory Homepage

Teaching Disciplines
NEM100. General Plant Nematology. 4 units, Fall Quarter.
ABI 50C. Animal Biology. 3 units, Spring Quarter. Co-taught with R. Woodroffe.
PLB146. Rhizosphere Ecology. 3 units, Spring Quarter alternate years. Co-taught with D. Phillips.

Soil ecology; decomposition and nutrient cycling; contribution of nematodes to the structure and function of the soil food web. Population biology and population assessment of soil nematodes; integrated pest management.

Recent Graduate Students Current Positions:
Benjamin Newton Shouse. MS Ecology, 2000. Science Writer, Santa Cruz, California.
Miriam Volat. MS Vegetable Crops, 1999. Facilitator, Santa Rosa, California.
Inga Anne Zasada. PhD Plant Pathology, 2002. Research Plant Pathologist, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, Maryland.
Robert Charles Venette. PhD. Ecology., 1997. Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota.

Recent Postdoctoral Fellows and Current Positions:
Dr. Jianjun Chen. 1997-2001. Research Scientist, Department of Nematology, UC Davis.
Dr. Mario Tenuta. 2001-2002. Assistant Professor, Department of Soil Science, University of Mannitoba.
Dr. Shenglei Fu. 2002-2004. Director, Ecological Research Center, South China Botanical Garden.

Recent Visiting Scientists and Current Positions:
Ir. Robert Berkelmans. 2001-2002. Biological Farming Systems Group, Wageningen, Netherlands.
Dr. Martin Matute. 2002. Department of Biology, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
Dr. Hiroaki Okada. 1999-2000. Nematology and Soil Zoology Unit, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Ibaraki, Japan.

Selected Publications:
Berkelmans, R., H. Ferris, M. Tenuta, A.H.C. van Bruggen. 2003. Effects of long-term crop management on nematode trophic levels other than plant feeders disappear after one year of disruptive soil management. Applied Soil Ecology 23:223-235.

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